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Follow this link for some of the most common hand signals..

Riding with a group is a whole different ballgame. Follow this link to download a .pdf file on how to ride safely within a group. We encourage you to print this flyer and keep it in your bike. Check with the Safety Officer if you are interested in a group riding class.

Before you can even start to ride you need to ensure that your bike is ready for the road. Follow this link to download a .pdf file on how to properly exam your bike BEFORE you hit the road. 


Motorcycle Safety


The Memphis HOG Chapter does a lot of riding together and consistently promotes safety in all of the group rides. Here you will find some information that will help you understand the safety aspect of the Memphis HOG chapter.


If you have any questions or concerns on safety, please do not hesitate to contact the Safety Officer.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Download a free PDF reader

Mississippi Department of Transportation


Download Medical Card

Download Minors Event Release Form


Tennessee Road Construction and Condtions

 IDrive Arkansas

Download Adult Release Form

Download Minors Assumption Of Risk Form

We at Memphis HOG pride ourselves in our motorcycle safety awareness.  The safety of each and every Rider is our first and foremost priority.   Click on the button above for information that could be useful should an accident occur.  It is a collection of real life learnings from our members.  


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