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If you are a new member:


Question(s):  Maybe you just bought a motorcycle, joined HOG and want to ride with some people of common interests?  What do you do?  How do you know how to ride in a group, or what group to ride in?


You will meet people of all walks of life here that above all share a common interest in motorcycle riding, fellowship, and just having fun.



When you arrive for a ride or event, it may be hard the first time, we have all been there. Typically you will park next to someone.  That is a good time to introduce yourself.   A simple, “Hi, I’m new here can you point me in the right direction?” would work.  As far as which group you ride with and how, that can usually be answered by that same person.   Memphis HOG members are a friendly group and love to share their experiences.  When all else fails, try to identify the Head Road Captains. They will be the busiest the day of a ride trying to put other Road Captains together and forming groups.  You can ask where would be a good spot for you to ride.  You might even say, "this is my first group ride, do you mind if I ride in the front, back, or middle"?  The first time you ride in a group may be uneasy. The Road Captains, and other members are always glad to help alleviate any concerns you may have.  Try to relax and enjoy yourself.  Your Road Captains are skilled and experienced riders. They have routes to follow with stops along the way for fuel and comfort stops. The Road Captains are in communication with each other via CB radio and hand signals, and keep a close watch on you at all times, for your safety as well as those around you.  If you have questions along the way, one of those fuel/comfort stops is a good place to ask, “Hey am I doing ok?” or “I noticed you did this or that, why is that?”.  The Memphis HOG Chapter also offers free group riding classes. They are offered through our Safety Officer, so please click on the Safety page for more information. We hope this page helped answer some of your questions, if we haven’t, please feel free to contact us directly through the website. 

Welcome to the Road Captains Page

Riding with a group is a whole different ball game. Follow this link to download a .pdf file on how to ride safely within a group. We encourage you to print this flyer and keep it in your bike.  Check with the Safety Officer if you are interested in a group riding class.

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