Memphis Road Hogs Participation Patch

The Memphis HOG chapter prides itself in the participation of its members in chapter's activities. To reward the individuals that get involved with the chapter, these individuals receive a yearly Participation Patch or a rocker for the following year after you previously have been awarded the patch. We encourage all Memphis HOG members to strive to receive this Participation Patch.


The requirements for patches are now as follows:


  • You must be a current chapter member.

  • Must be a current HOG member.

  • You will be required to sign in on a regular sign in sheet.  It protects our liability and serves as another checkpoint to awarding your patch.

  •  In order to earn your patch and/or rocker you must earn 25 points during the  year.  You may earn your points by attending meetings, activities, socials, rides,  and volunteering.

  •  Volunteer points can be earned by helping with sign in sheets, selling tickets at  meetings, writing an article for the newsletter, donating to the monthly LOH  basket, leading the pledge, being the secret greeter, entering a chili or dessert in  the Chili Cook-off Social, or helping set up at an event.

  •  All rides, socials, activities, overnight rides and meetings are worth 1 point.

  • The only stipulations on “Meetings” are as follows:

               *  Only Road Captains will receive a point for a RC Meeting.

               *  Only LOH members will receive a point for a LOH Meeting.

               *  Only Officers will receive a point for an Officer Meeting.


If you have any questions about your points please contact  Membership or the Secretary.  All points are subject to verification by the Membership Officers and/or Secretary.  In case of a dispute the Director will have the final decision.

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