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Event Highlights 

Scavenger Hunt - January:  Theme - Music


Submit your photos for a chance to win.  Take five (5) themed photos.  The photos should include a motorcycle, the musical object and you if possible.  

If the motorcycle cannot be in the photo you should be in riding attire.  Group photos will be accepted.  The objects may be pictures of locations, buildings, people, statues, murals, signs, streets ---Let your imagination be your guide.


Click here to download the form. Bring the photos to the February Chapter meeting (see calendar).   There you will draw 5 cards for a poker hand.  The highest pocker hand will be awarded a $25 gas card. 


If you wish to play 2 poker hands you may submit 10 musical themed photos.  2 poker hands is the limit.

Join us for a night of all things Lovely


Divine Valentines Day Dinner at Bumpus - Whitten Rd.   Friday, February 14, 2014  7:00pm at Bumpus Whitten road.    Valentine's Dinner (C)  An MVP event with discounts at Bumpus during the event.Click for additional details.


Club Bowling


Whether you've never touched a bowling ball or were the champion of your bowling team, bowling is always a good time.  Dust off your bowling ball and join the fun at at the  $4.20 per game, free shoes. Come join us for some bowling fun!!




Cordova Bowling Center - 7945 Club Center Dr, Cordova, TN.

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